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    I am writing up this post to explain the changes coming.

    Ok as some of you have heard there will be 2 groups. A casual and a progressive. What does this mean? Let me break it down.


    So in the past we would carry everyone to get gear etc regardless of iLevel. In raids this is not possible until we are geared. Thus the progressive group is formed. They will consist of people who try out and pass. If you want to join talk to Jinx, Arclibra, or Xenic. If you are not picked, there will be more groups. What are the requirements you ask?

    1. DBM or Bigwigs.
    2. ilevel 845 (no carries you must have this coming in).
    3. YOU must be there ENTIRE raid time. No leaving till time is up.
    4. YOU must have Arcway and Court of Stars COMPLETE.
    5. Know the fights.
    6. Follow directions.

    This seems like have to, cause it is. The progressive group once geared will help everyone gear on normal.

    There are no real requirements on normal raiding except have dbm or bigwigs and at least 830 ilevel.

    YOU do not have to join the have to group to run raids, but give us time to gear for the carries.

    With that being said our guild charter stays the same. We are still fundamentally casual. It’s just some members would like a progressive group as well.


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