Welcome to F Society


What does F Society mean?

Who Are We?

We are an elite hacking group set out to take down Evil Corp… That’s not right.

We are a group of 18+ gamers, who enjoy a laid back gaming experience on WoW.
We don’t censor ourselves or others in our group.
We won’t accept racist statements and such, but pretty much everything else is fine.
Our group is not meant for everyone and we understand if you don’t fit.
We are rebuilding toons in preparation for Legion and at the same time just chilling and enjoying the game.

Recruit – Starter rank. fresh blood requires 3 days and then request a Founder or Lord(VIP) to be promoted.

Rookie – Basic rank. You can access items in the Rookie tab in guild bank.

Grunt – Can now access rookie and grunt tab and invite new members into the guild.

Warrior – access to rookie, grunt and warrior tabs also can repair gear with guild funds and recruit members

Magistrate – Officer rank. Access up to Officer tab in guild bank, guild bank repairs and recruiting into the guild.

Lord (VIP) – Special rank. This is reserved for major contributors of mats, resources etc.. You get ALL access

Founder – Locked rank.

So that’s all great but HOW THE HELL do I get promoted.
It’s simple make the guild your main concern. Help promote, gather resources etc. Help make us great.

We will add more info as needed.

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